A Thanksgiving Dinner Contract

  1. I agree to send you your invitation in a timely fashion if you agree to RSVP within 48 hours of receiving it.
  2. I agree to have the meal ready to serve on schedule, if you agree not to show up 2 hours late.
  3. I agree not to seat you with the children if you agree to respect others’ opinions, agree to disagree, be polite and make a genuine effort to engage others at the table.
  4. I agree not to serve you three little pieces of sesame-encrusted turkey maki, with a wasabi-cranberry-soy glaze for dinner, if you agree not tell me, as we’re about to eat, that you’re trying out a new lifestyle that prohibits you from eating anything that had parents or was grown more than 10 blocks from your home.
  5. I agree not to put any marshmallows on the sweet potatoes if you agree to be polite and not to cringe, wrinkle your nose, criticize or complain about anything on the menu.
  6. I agree to serve you a delicious Thanksgiving meal, at a beautiful table, with plenty of sides to choose from if you agree to leave the jeans at home and dress up a little for the occasion.
  7. I agree to provide you with all the accoutrements and ambience you’ll need to enjoy the meal, if you agree to please remember your table manners.
  8. I agree to let you relax and unwind by the t.v. after the meal, if you agree to keep all electronic devices turned off while we eat and away from my pretty tablescape.
  9. I agree to be the consummate host if you agree to be the consummate guest.

And, finally…

  1. I agree to make every effort to ensure you have a fabulously memorable time.


Are we in agreement?

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