A Thanksgiving Message


Happy Thanksgiving! Today is the catalyst to a season that inspires an extra little bit of generosity, kindness and goodwill.  That’s not to say we shouldn’t encourage these things throughout the year! However, as we gather with friends and family to give thanks, let’s remember that Thanksgiving is but one day out of 365, printed on a calendar.  So, if we want to live life with an attitude of gratitude, we can turn any day into Thanksgiving.  Wouldn’t you agree? After all, isn’t it just a meal where friends and family come together to be grateful, enjoy each other’s company and (hopefully) good food?


So, look around the table and reflect.  Take it all in and fully live and savour the moment. Appreciate, and give thanks. Then try to carry those sentiments with you throughout the year.  Living with an attitude of gratitude is that easy.


Wishing you and yours a lovely Thanksgiving.

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