About Cecilia

Cecilia Pita Savoir Faire Canada

I grew up watching classic black and white movies with charming Hollywood gentlemen and glamorously charismatic gentlewomen.  Class, grace and courtesy seemed to light up every scene. The characters oozed gentility and I loved every little courtesy, nicety and kindness they showed one another.

This of course led to me consult thick etiquette books with great curiosity and excitement anytime I needed to find the right way to say or do something for a particular occasion, or just because.  I wanted to extend others courtesies and niceties, and I wanted to do it right.

So, when life presented me with an opportunity to work in the diplomatic world, I embraced it.  The practical protocol experience and knowledge I gained from seasoned diplomats further fuelled my interest in the etiquette and manners world.

Over the years, however, I started to notice that people just weren’t being very nice to one another and the notion of etiquette seemed to be an antiquated concept from a bygone era. An impolite exchange at the grocery store would have me shaking my head in disbelief.  Disrespect frustrated and saddened me. And, rudeness shocked me to the point of speechlessness.  I wondered if it was just me, but when others shared similar experiences, I knew I wasn’t alone.  That’s when I decided to do something.

The result? I founded Savoir-Faire.  I never imagined I’d be an etiquette consultant!

I was fortunate enough to train with The Protocol School of Washington®—the experts who train the experts—and I’ve enjoyed much success since starting my own business. I’ve had the honour of working with some amazing clients and have had the privilege of helping people from all walks of life, learn and apply etiquette to their everyday lives, through my trainings, consultations and media appearances.  I’m so incredibly grateful for every bit of it!

Most recently, I partnered with Performance Management Consultants www.pmctraining.com to provide business etiquette workshops and always welcome the opportunity to partner with other businesses.

Savoir-Faire started out as a vehicle to teach etiquette and protocol but it has evolved into a platform from which I enthusiastically strive to engage people and renew their faith in the power of manners.  It’s about being positive, rising above the incivility and reconnecting with one another with courtesy and respect.  Who knows, maybe together we can even revive some of that gentility from the past?