Halloween Manners

Last year, Batman asked for my help. It was Halloween night and as expected, he caught me completely by surprise. Up until then, the little ghosts and goblins had been coming to my door asking for candy, not paper towels!

You see, in an effort to efficiently travel in the cold night from door to door on All Hallows’ Eve, Batman had cut across my neighbour’s mud pit of a lawn (renovation in progress), got his boots stuck in the sludge, and accidentally stepped into the mess with his socks.  Yes, the Caped Crusader wears socks.

He was cold, upset, and just wanted to get cleaned up. So, I did what any good citizen of Gotham would do and I helped the little Super Hero out.

Had this junior Dark Knight followed some simple etiquette rules, he wouldn’t have gotten himself into the mess in the first place. So, in the spirit of invoking all that is mannerly on Halloween, here are some rules to consider.

  1. Respect  people’s property and don’t cut across their lawns. You may walk through a  prized garden or as Batman did, muddy your shoes. Be safe and stick to  well-lit sidewalks, driveways and walkways.
  2. Resist the urge and don’t litter the streets or people’s property with candy  wrappers. Wait until you get home to thoroughly inspect treats.
  3. Ring the doorbell once and wait for 30 seconds.  If no one comes to the door, move on.  The residents may be out, or may simply not want to participate in the Halloween tradition.
  4. Respond with thanks. Whether you receive one or more treats, a kind “thank you” is always in order and a cheerful “Happy Halloween!” as you leave is a nice touch.
  5. Repress the greedy monster within if you see a bowl of unattended treats on  someone’s porch. Take one and move on. Be an honourable little ghoul.

Manners don’t have to be a scary business. Just be sure to rehearse, remind and review before the big night.

Happy Halloween!

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