Cecilia’s comfortable, intuitive and engaging approach will put you at ease as you learn and refresh the skills needed to carry yourself with confidence whether you’re at the dinner table, in the boardroom, hosting or attending an event, networking, or simply out there being you.

She has coached families and children on dining etiquette, avid entertainers on hosting, and business people on networking, just to name a few. So, whether you’re an engaged couple looking for a refresher on dining etiquette before your special day, a business person daunted by networking, a family looking to invest in itself or a group of friends looking for a fun activity like afternoon tea, Cecilia will work with you, one on one, to meet your goals.

The knowledge you gain with Cecilia will positively enhance your image and your life.  She believes that your success is her success.  Contact her today for a free half hour consultation to discuss your goals.