Cecilia is a manners enthusiast.  She’s passionate about sharing the rules of etiquette and inspiring kindness, grace and respect. Quite simply, she’s a believer in the power of nice.  Her warmth engages and inspires.  She renews people’s faith in basic human courtesy and connects the dots about the importance of etiquette and protocol in today’s modern world.


 First Impressions

It takes mere seconds to make a first impression.  An unprofessional appearance translates into a lack of professionalism.  Tardiness translates into a lack of respect.  Electronic distractions are considered rude. And, rude behaviour is considered uncivilized.  Judgements are being made IRL (in real life) and we haven’t even uttered a single word yet!  These days you’ve also got your virtual image and the message it’s sending to consider, because when judgements are made, your reputation, your productivity, your brand and ultimately, your bottom line is affected.

Let Cecilia connect the dots about the importance of business etiquette in today’s world, revive your confidence in professional courtesy and help you positively impact your bottom line by giving you the tools to make positive and lasting first impressions.

Civility?  Yes, please!

Have you ever wondered, “Is it just me?” Well, you’re not alone.  Many are tired of the lack of courtesies, niceties and respect prevalent in our modern technologically driven world.  Cecilia will inspire you to put down the gizmos and reconnect with people on a personal level. She’ll restore your confidence in connecting with people face to face. She’ll persuade you to be gracious in the face of incivility.  She’ll work to renew your faith in human kindness.

Civility begets civility and amazing communities are built one act at a time.  Let Cecilia move you and your organization to become an example of grace, respect and civility. It is within us.

Dining with Savoir-Faire

Learn to confidently engage anyone, whether over pizza or a formal six-course meal, without ever having to stress about where to put the napkin or which fork to use again.  Cecilia’s approachable presentation style will provide you with the relevant dining etiquette skills you need to succeed and present a polished professional image. Dining with Savoir-Faire is the perfect pairing for all your team building retreats, conferences or business events.  Dine and learn today.  Put your best fork forward tomorrow!